We’ve been doing this a while now. Here are some answers to questions you might have.

3Dhealth is 20+ years old as a company and some of our senior executives have over 30+ years of experience within the healthcare industry.

With 15 team members, 3Dhealth is the largest company in the country exclusively focused on Provider Development Planning, Medical Staff Development Planning and Community Need Assessments.

We are able to complete Provider and Medical Staff Development Plans in 12 weeks, Community Need Assessments within 6 weeks and Single Specialty Community Need Assessments in 2 weeks.

The cost to complete a project will vary by the size and complexity of the partner we are working with and the market they operate within.  To receive a same day quote, give us a call at (312)-423-2670.

We have had three consistent conversations recently with our partners. The first is about tightening budgets across our partner base and industry. The second is a desire to revisit their Medical Staff or Provider Development Plan more often than every 3 years. Finally, our partners (and 3Dhealth) are concerned that relying on a Community Needs Assessment for 3 years is not defensible, if need be. In response, we have fully implemented a subscription service to Medical Staff and Provider Development Planning.


Under our subscription approach, you still get a comprehensive Medical Staff and Provider Development Plan on an every-three- years basis, plus our team provides unlimited Single Specialty Community Need Assessments in Years 2 and 3. We also serve as your go-to resource for any physician-related strategic questions, all within the subscription price.


While this approach delivers more for our partners on a more frequent basis, it has not increased our pricing model. This service simply spreads your cost over a three-year period, while giving you better access to our professionals, analytics, strategy development and 365 Support. Contact us to learn more.

3Dhealth invests heavily in primary research.  We have our proprietary Physician Demand Model, our own Physician Supply Databases, employ 7+ Research Associates and have completed surveys with tens of thousands of consumers.

Yes. 3Dhealth is properly insured with business liability, errors & omissions, cyber and worker’s compensation.

Yes. We are accredited by the BBB and have received no customer complaints in our 20+ year history.